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For over a decade, Marissa Bloom has been teaching piano and voice lessons to all ages, levels, and styles. Her full-body approach to singing incorporates Yoga and Alexander Technique principals to help you unlock your true vocal potential and her game-based “WunderKeys” piano program is fun for all ages!  Lessons are now also available 100% online via video call or recorded video lessons. 

About Bloom Studio

Let’s Make Music

In 2010, Marissa Bloom completed her graduate degrees in vocal performance and stage direction and decided to return home and share her love of music with the Central Coast. Over the past decade her studio has grown and blossomed into a full musical community. Students support and cheer each other on while Marissa’s bubbly and energetic nature encourages you to continue learning and growing as an artist. Bloom Studio is also branching out to include virtual lessons available via video call or personalized recorded video lessons so that you can enjoy piano and voice lessons from the comfort of your own home or wherever life may take you. 


Piano, Voice and More!

Beginner to Intermediate Piano Lessons

Remote Piano and Voice Lessons

Video Call or Recorded Lessons

Online Piano and Voice Lessons are now being offered at Bloom Studio. All lessons are 100% online with materials being sent via google classroom and the option of a weekly recorded video to go over in your own time or a live video call scheduled at your convenience. You must have a computer, tablet, or smart phone, a decent internet connection, a printer, a piano or keyboard (if studying piano), and a willingness to try something new. With lesson programs available for all ages and levels—from preschool to adult—you can get the personalized attention of having a private music teacher in the comfort of your own home.  

Ages 6-Adult

With a background in classical, jazz, musical theatre, and pop styles of singing, Marissa Bloom can help you find joy in singing all styles of music. With her full-bodied approach to teaching singing, she's here to help you through previous vocal issues so you can locate your natural, uninhibited voice. She designs each lesson according to her students’ abilities and makes the necessary changes once she become more familiar with their needs.

Beginner to Advanced Voice Lessons

WunderKeys Preschool and Primer Piano Lessons

Ages 3-10

Beginning piano lessons are available for Preschool and Early Elementary students! Bloom Studio features the WunderKeys program which is a game-based learning method which makes music FUN! Early education piano lesson sharpen motor skills, help with counting and pattern recognition and creativity, and instill a love for music early on in the child's development.

A Word From Marissa Bloom

I have been honored to work with so many talented and hard working singers and pianists over the years. Past students have gone on to obtain vocal performance degrees, achieve success in local and regional theatre performances, perform in local bands, and obtain awards and accolades at local and national competitions. 

For All Ages

No matter your level of skill or musical experience, you’ll gain a lot from taking piano lessons. With a focus on music theory, technique, rhythm, and musicality, you'll be playing beautifully and having fun after just one lesson. Contact Bloom Studio to find out about availability.

Student Testimonials

“I am so blessed to have this nugget of sunshine, Marissa Bloom, in my life. She never fails to make me smile and for 7 years she has helped put joy and music in my life. I love this girl more than words can say.”


"I love the warm environment where I feel comfortable to make mistakes and really learn. I also appreciate the hard work Marissa puts into helping her students. She really takes the time and cares."


"After watching a video of myself singing at the recital, I started crying because, for the first time in my life, I actually like how I sound. I'm super proud of myself and I could not have done it without Marissa's never-ending support and kindness. Thank you; Thank you; Thank you Marissa!'


"Marissa is a natural teacher who meets each student where he or she is at that time and simultaneously challenges and encourages their growth. It's been a wonderful experience to enjoy the process and see my progress. Thank you Marissa!"



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