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Stretch, Breathe, Sing: Yoga for Singers

A Happy Body Creates A Happy Voice

Class Streaming at and 3 disc DVD program available for purchase. 


While I was working on my undergraduate vocal performance degree at the University of Southern California, I spent a lot of my time in the practice room rolling around on the floor singing in yoga poses or sitting at the piano doing meditative breath work. I was fascinated by how a bit of stretching, strengthening, and focusing on my breath could have such a drastic effect on my voice. My fellow singers would walk by the windowed door and wonder what the heck I was doing, but I didn’t care. It was working for me, so I kept at it. After grad school, I further stoked my curiosity by attending an in-depth yoga teacher training program and I have spent almost a decade working with singers at young artist programs, summer vocal programs, colleges, private studios, acting troupes, high school arts camps, and in my own vocal studio seeing first-hand how tuning into the body and focusing the mind can free the singing voice. Through my video classes, you’ll be able to attend one of my masterclasses on backstage yoga, post-travel yoga, breath work, meditation, core strength, and other topics from the comfort of your own home (or practice room) on your own schedule. 

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