Covid-19 Policy


Unfortunately, due to the fact that singing is considered a “super spreader” of the COVID-19 disease, all voice lessons will remain online for the time being. I am closely monitoring studies, regulations, and the efficacy of protective studio setups and will let all of my voice students know as soon as it is safe to return to lessons in the studio. 



Pianists have the option of continuing online lessons or attending lessons in the studio. Online lessons are still the safest option; so, if that is going well for you, we will continue working online. If you prefer to return to in person lessons, the following must be observed:


  • All lessons will be 25 or 55 minutes long to allow for cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces between students. Please adjust your student pickup schedule accordingly. Students must exit the building at the end of their lesson time to allow for complete cleaning. 

  • All students are required to wash their hands upon entering the studio for 20 seconds with soap and water. No exceptions. If a student touches their mouth or nose during the lesson, they will be required to wash their hands again. 

  • I will be wearing a face mask during the entirety of the lesson. Students are required to wear a mask as well. 

  • Only students are allowed to wait in the waiting area for the time being.... family members and friends must wait outside in order to minimize contact. 

  • Students and their household members who have had any COVID-19, cold, or flu symptoms in the last 14 DAYS (2 WEEKS) may NOT come into the studio (symptoms include coughing, sneezing, fever over 99 degrees, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, runny nose, runny eyes, vomiting, or rash). DO NOT COME TO THE STUDIO UNTIL ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD ARE FREE FROM ALL SYMPTOMS FOR AT LEAST 14 DAYS. We will switch to online lessons during this time. 

  • I will continue to offer video call lessons via Zoom and FaceTime for anyone who does not wish to come into the studio or is staying home due to mild symptoms as a precaution. LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SWITCH YOUR LESSON FROM “IN-PERSON” TO “ONLINE” OR FROM “ONLINE” TO “IN-PERSON”. 


Singers and Pianists:

For those who study both piano and voice at Bloom Studio, you have two options. Either you can remain online for all lessons and continue to study both piano and voice each week, or you can come in person for a full piano lesson one week and have an online voice lesson the next week. (For example: having a 1 hour piano lesson in person one week and then a 1 hour voice lesson online the next week.) Should you decide to go this route, please see above information regarding in person piano lessons. 



Thank you for your continued patience at this time. Please know that I am following the studies and protocols set by the National Association of Teachers of Singing and the Music Teachers Association very carefully and I will keep you updated as things progress and change. I can’t wait to welcome you all back into the studio when it is safe for us to do so. Until then, let’s continue to make music! 


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